Artist Statement

I am influenced by the Impressionists—harmonious color and shimmering light—and by Expressionists---raw, untamed, gestural, abstractified.  I prefer to respond directly to life—set ups of whatever genre, but can also enjoy working from photos.  I love the mixability and richness of oils, but also the playful freedom of acrylic…or oil pastel…or many other media.

Never timid, always experimenting, always learning, always playing…yet informed by a lifelong study of drawing and Art History.

My goal is to express a unique, joyful, bold vision.

Poem, not tome!

Juicy impasto in bright and bold colors, lobbed and/or determinedly placed on the canvas.  Nature seen through eyes attuned to expressive lines, puzzle shapes, uplifting colors.

I hope to take the viewer on a fun amusement park ride with a fabulous view.

Awaken to the energy that connects all things, shows all swimming in the same light. 

Beyond the mundane, there is always the possibility of awe.